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Free Autumn bundle

Procreate brushes, Affinity brushes, seamless patterns, phone wallpapers and much more!

Welcome to #strodestudios freebie page! Today I have for you a bunch of cool stuff for free download. Take a look on what is waiting for you..

Procreate brushes - my first set. First one I'm sharing at least, I did play around with making brushes before but only for me. This one I found so much fun and decided to share, along with other content you can use.

8 different autumn leaves in a form of lino cut stamp are perfect for tons of fall content you can make. Play around with only brushes or use them in combination with other artwork, the possibilities are endless. Psst - they are also perfect for filling in your tree illustrations, if you want that each leaf is different look.

My advice: play around with Scatter option in Shape section of Brush Studio.

Don't forget to use different Autumn color schemes for that extra cozy effect.

What would a brush set be without matching seamless pattern set? Well, it would still be pretty cool, but now you can use pre-made patterns on your design as well. They are seamless, meaning they go on endlessly. Forever.

Here are some cute autumnal phone wallpapers just in case you can't be bothered with setting the seamless patterns. I'm rocking the blue leaves/grey background one, what is your choice?

In case that doesn't feel like much, I made Affinity Photo brush set as well. So you can use them on all platforms. And I also dropped in there a png set of the leaves - no background, and they can be used in other software and projects. No Procreate, iPad or Affinity needed.

Little tip, if you copy the layer and make leaves underneath white, it will add that cool lino cut printing effect.

That's about it, hope you like this set and I would love to see the creations you make with it. Please tag me on social media, all my accounts are @strodestudios #strodestudios

The download is completely free and you will receive the download link on your email after subscribing:

It's free and I don't send out emails often, you can always unsubscribe with one click.

By staying subscribed you will be the first one to get access to all new free content on my page. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

With love <3



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